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influencer marketing

influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing available out there today. 

Building brand awareness through influencers and celebrities has been proven to be very effective when it is done the right way.  We specialize in managing as well as matching the right influencers and celebrities to different brands, products and services. 

We have access to specialized marketing tools to help us gather stats and not merely relying on gut feelings so that we always run the most effective campaigns for our clients.

malaysia influencer marketing

what is covered

influencer management

we take care of the onboarding process of influencers

we summarize the performance of your campaigns in a single report

we ensure the right influencer is selected for the campaign

we ensure the right content is advertised in a timely manner

we help strategize the entire influencer marketing campaign

we work very closely with many influencers and celebrities


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